The Difference Is…

Teddy is only two months old and already the differences between the two boys are innumerable. I did not think it could be possible for two people from the same two people to be so different, but more than that, for the differences to be so noticeable already. I suppose I even knew when Teddy was in utero. Henry was incredibly active. It seemed like I was always aware of his presence because of his incessant movements. I first felt him at 19 weeks. He hasn’t stopped moving from the day I could feel him inside. It took until 24 weeks  before I was certain I was feeling Teddy and not some rogue gas bubble. 5 weeks later! And they say you feel second babies more quickly because you know what to expect. Then Teddy just kept to himself most of the time, with an occasional jarring kick to remind me he was in there.

Once external to my body, Henry was exceptionally gifted at making sure we knew he was there. He demanded specific schedules at a very early stage. “BUT MOM! I NEED IT LIKE THIS!” the tiny baby would wail until we figured out – sometimes days or weeks later – what he was so fussy about. By the time Henry was three months he had a specific bedtime, but he really needed it several weeks earlier – we just missed the queues. Henry was not afraid to use his lungs. There was a lot of crying, as babies do. Crying over taking a bottle, crying after eating (still the most traumatizing part about baby Henry), crying just because, crying because he’s tired. Fairly typical baby stuff. And when he was awake, oh boy, did that kid wiggle. So much kicking and wiggling. His pediatrician remarked on how very wiggly he was at his two month well visit. Henry was a very expressive little dude. He had a million faces and he laughed and giggled often, definitely regularly by two months. That part was so delightful. He was hilarious right from the get go. Demanding to be watched, a ham, even then.

Now Teddy is a completely different story. As I’ve mentioned, he is the world’s most chill baby. But that also comes with Resting Bitch Face on an infant mug. Teddy is more stoic, not so expressive. I joke that he has three faces: sleeping, serious, and pooping (which is just a more severe serious face). He smiles, but it is seldom. He hoards those smiles. He spends all his energy focusing on being zen. This kid does not cry. My mom just spent three days with us and did not hear him cry once. When he gets really irritated, irritated enough to feel like he must say something, it comes out in a single goat bleat. And then he looks around as if to say, “I’m so sorry. I know I’m bothering you, but I could use you for a moment when you have some time. No rush. Again, sorry for bothering you.” When I put him on the ground he does wiggle, but it isn’t a frantic wiggling like Henry. More like relaxed kicks, like he is enjoying a tube ride on a lazy river. And the last few days I have been putting him down in his crib sleepy, but awake – you know, just to see what would happen. He looks around for awhile and then falls asleep as if he might as well because he does not have anything better to do. Come on, two month old babies do not put themselves to sleep! Henry was a good sleeper from about 6 weeks on, consistently sleeping in 6-8 hour stretches, then sleeping through the night (12 hours) around four months. Teddy has been sleeping in 6-7 hour stretches since… oh, I don’t know. Day 5? BUT! Not all is peachy on the Teddy front. The little man really does enjoy staying up late and then being up and creepily staring at me for two hours in the wee hours of the morning. He’s recently (like, in the last few days) started to get better when I gave up and started putting him in his crib awake, but it isn’t perfect or predictable.

I don’t think anyone would dispute that Henry is a carbon copy of Allen. Teddy, however, looks like me (poor boy). There’s a lot of time for him to change. When I look back at baby pictures of Henry, it takes until 5-6 months before I can really see present day Henry in those eyes and cheeks. But I think it would be prettttty cool if Allen got a carbon copy and I got one, too. Fingers crossed!

I can’t wait for the shenanigans these two brothers pull together. But I’m predicting now Henry is going to be the ring leader with poor innocent Teddy being dragged along against his will. “But Teddy, we’ll only get in trouble if we get caught…”

Or, more likely, Teddy already has me fooled which means that kid is going to be able to get away with anything.


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